Delacroix Museum (Musée Delacroix) – Paris

Delacroix Museum (Musée Delacroix) – ParisDelacroix Museum (Musée Delacroix) – ParisDelacroix Museum (Musée Delacroix) – Paris

The intimate setting of Delacroix’s final home on the Place de Furstenberg, one of most picturesque and peaceful squares in Paris, provides a perfect backdrop for this compact yet comprehensive collection of the iconic nineteenth century French artist’s works which comprise paintings, drawings, lithographs and autograph works as well as his personal objects including souvenirs of his famed voyage to Morocco in 1832. The museum also features works collected by the painter or created by his artist friends and is regularly expanded with new works acquired through both accessions and donations.

The permanent collection features work from nearly every phase of Delacroix’s career touching on all his major themes.  Among the museum’s most important paintings are the canvases, “The Education of the Virgin,” from 1842 and, “Magdalene in the Desert” from 1845 as well as his only three attempts at fresco painting created for the Valmont Abbey in 1834.

The collection of drawings is particularly rich including many works composed as studies for the paintings in the permanent collection as well as those Delacroix created for his last commission, the acclaimed large scale paintings in the Chapelle des Saints-Anges at the Église Saint-Sulpice, a lovely nearby church worth a visit after completing your museum tour. Among the most unique works on papers are the pastel, “Negro in a Turban,” from 1826 and the etching, “The Jewish Woman of Tangier,” from 1832 that highlight the artist’s fascination with documenting the Oriental and the exotic.

Another highlight is the display of objects Delacroix brought back from Morocco including magnificent early nineteenth century ceramics, jewelry, textiles and weapons, many of which went on to appear in his works of art.  The display of personal objects from his studio like his easel, palettes and painting tables is also contextually fascinating.

Finish your tour with a visit to the charming garden behind the house which brought the artist great joy in his final years. Filled with flower beds it has been recreated with great care to highlight many of the species the artist favored in his ornate, superbly realized floral compositions.

"Magdalene in the Desert" (1845) - Delacroix

“Magdalene in the Desert” (1845) – Delacroix 

"Education of the Virgin" (1842) - Delacroix

“Education of the Virgin” (1842) – Delacroix

Delacroix Museum - Paris

Delacroix Museum – Paris

Official Museum Site


Delacroix Museum

Musée Eugène-Delacroix

6, rue de Furstenberg

75006 Paris, France

(1) 44-41-86-50


Current Exhibitions

Fabrics from the Museum of Toile at Jouy

January 14, 2017 through February 6, 2017


Must See in the Permanent Collection:

  • “Negro in a Turban” (1826)

  • “The Jewish Woman of Tangier” (1832)

  • “Valmont Frescoes” (1834)

  • “The Education of the Virgin” (1842)

  • “Magdalene in the Desert” (1845)

Visiting Hours:

Open every day except Tuesday from 9:30 a.m to 5 p.m.



7 € for a ticket which includes access to the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition.

15 € for a combined same day ticket to the Delacroix Museum and the Louvre Museum.

Free for 18-25 year-old EU residents and all visitors under 18.

Free for all the first Sunday of every month as well as July 14.


Purchase Tickets Online



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