La Pinacothèque – Paris

La Pinacothèque – ParisLa Pinacothèque – Paris

Among all the city’s art museums the Paris Pinacothèque (la Pinacothèque de Paris) is one of the most unique.  Privately financed and only open since 2007, it displays a semi-permanent collection of approximately 100 paintings, drawings and sculptures dating from antiquity to the present that belong to a group of 40 individual collectors who have agreed to exhibit them for up to ten years.

Stretching from old masters like Botticelli, Rembrandt, Tintoretto and Van Dyke to masters of Impressionism and Modernism like Monet, Picasso, Renoir and Van Gogh to Contemporary masters like Ernst, Pollock and Rothko, the collection boasts an eclectic roster of artists and almost all works are on view to the public for the very first time.  The collection is also eclectically hung, with disparate works grouped together, juxtaposing different eras, different schools and different nationalities in a deliberate attempt to subvert the traditional museum going experience.

Instead iconography and aesthetics have been used to structure the arrangements on six loose themes including primitivism, celebration, faces, landscapes, light and intimacy.  Among the standout holdings are Botticelli’s “Christ Carrying the Cross”, Tintoretto’s “Portrait of a Senator”, Van Dyke’s “Dignitary”, Monet’s “Suzanne in the Sun”, Van Gogh’s “Portrait of a Lady” and Pollock’s “Composition with Oval Forms”.

The Pinacothèque is located just behind the historic Church of La Madeleine in Paris’s 8th arrondissement. There are also extensive galleries dedicated to temporary exhibitions within the museum building and at a satellite location down the street.

Visiting Hours:

Open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Last ticket sold at 5:45 p.m.

Late-night openings until 9 p.m. every Wednesday and Friday

Last ticket sold at 8:15 p.m.



€12.50 for an adult ticket providing access to the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition.

€10.50 for a student ticket (12 – 25) providing access to the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition.

Free for children 11 and under.

Free entry for all on the first Wednesday of every month after 6:30 p.m.

There is an additional €1.50 fee per ticket fee assessed for online purchases.


Purchase Tickets Online


“Christ Carrying the Cross” (Botticelli) – 1490

“Composition with Oval Forms” (Pollock) – 1934


Official Museum Site


Pinacothèque de Paris

28, place de la Madeleine

75008 Paris, France

1 42 68 02 01


Current Exhibitions:

Pressionism, 1970-1990: The Masterpieces of Graffiti on Canvas

March 12. 2015 through September 13, 2015

View 100 masterpieces of graffiti art, most from private collections which are rarely displayed publicly, in this exciting exhibition that brings street art to gallery walls. Created using spray paint and the vernacular of street graffiti, the installation focuses on a coterie of underground artists, many disenfranchised minority youths from the streets of New York and Paris, who came of age during the last decades of the twentieth century including Bando, Basquiat, Lady Pink, Mode 2, Noc 167, Phase 2, Rammellzee and T. Kid. Dubbing graffiti art, “Pressionism,” and making a strong case for it as an avant-garde movement comparable in historical significance to Impressionism both in the visceral reaction it engenders in viewers as well as the art establishment, augmented by documentary materials including many artist journals and work books, the display follows the evolution of the form from tagging to wild style calligraphy to the addition of figurative elements to full-on figurative pieces to abstraction.

From Rubens to Van Dyck: Masterpieces of Flemish Art from the Gerstenmaier Collection

July 10, 2015 through October 4, 2015

View selections from the Hans Rudolf Gerstenmaier collection, one of one of the most celebrated, private collections of Flemish art, in this exhibition spanning works from the fifteenth through seventeenth century, featuring masterpieces from not only Peter Paul Reubens and his star pupil Anthony Van Dyck, but also exceptional examples from Jan Brueghel, Adriaen Thomasz Key, Joost de Momper, Gaspar-Pieter Verbruggen II and Martin de Vos. Comprised of paintings on wood and canvas, complimented by etchings and engravings, the selections highlight not just the emancipation of pictorial style as it evolved from a focus strictly on historical and religious themes to wide ranging representations of florals, landscapes, portraits and still lives but the freedom of thought and prosperity of a society that nurtured and supported the creation of great art.


Must See in the Permanent Collection:

  • “Christ Carrying the Cross” (Botticelli)

  • “Portrait of a Senator” (Tintoretto)

  • “Dignitary” (Van Dyke)

  • “Suzanne in the Sun” (Monet)

  • “Portrait of a Lady” (Van Gogh)

  • “Composition with Oval Forms” (Pollock)



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