Pompidou Center (Centre Pompidou) – Paris

Pompidou Center (Centre Pompidou) – ParisPompidou Center (Centre Pompidou) – ParisPompidou Center (Centre Pompidou) – ParisPompidou Center (Centre Pompidou) – ParisPompidou Center (Centre Pompidou) – Paris

Pompidou Center (Centre Pompidou)

The Pompidou Center includes the French National Museum of Modern Art as well as extensive exhibition galleries often dedicated to solo shows of the most celebrated contemporary artists.  The permanent collection of more than 95,000 works covers a period stretching from 1905 to the present and comprises every media imaginable from painting and sculpture to photography, film and video to architecture and design.  It is the most extensive modern art museum in Europe and second only to the MOMA in New York in the breadth and depth of its extraordinary collection.

With an exhibition area that allows for only approximately 1,000 works to be on display at any given time, the Pompidou pursues a policy of swapping works in and out of the galleries highlighting different aspects of its collection and continuously reinventing the visitor experience.  The collection is particularly rich in works by Picasso, Matisse and Chagall which are displayed in the fifth floor galleries dedicated to works created between 1905 and 1960.

Additional prominent works by Brancusi, Braque, Calder, Dali, Delaunay, Duchamp, Giacometti, Kandinsky, Magritte, Malevich, Miro, Mondrian, Pollock and Rothko trace the trajectory of modern art movements in the 20th century pre-1960 from Cubism to Abstract Expressionism.  Matisse’s bronze panels titled “Back I – IV”, Malevich’s painting “Black Cross”, Chagall’s painting “La Danse” and Picasso’s painting “Buste de femme” as well as his largest work, an 8-foot x 14-foot stage curtain painted for the Ballets Russes production of “Parade” are works that are regularly on display and among the collection’s must-see attractions.  The fifth floor also includes selections from the photography collection as well as one of the museum’s most unique treasures, a reconstruction of a wall from Andre Breton’s influential studio featuring a mix of flea market finds and Surrealist masterpieces.

The fourth floor is dedicated to post 1960 works and movements from Pop to Conceptual Art created by a constellation of contemporary art stars from Francis Bacon to Niki de Saint-Phalle and Robert Rauschenberg to Andy Warhol.  Bacon’s triptych “Three Figures in a Room 1964”, Martin Kippenberger’s “Self Portrait”,  Joseph Beuys installation “Homogeneous Infiltration for Piano” and Agam’s decorative “Salon” are among the most impressive works permanently housed on the fourth level which has recently undergone a remodeling to accommodate new acquisitions like Carsten Hollars crowd pleasing,  monumental sculpture of a giant mushroom.

With its mix of modernist painting and sculpture, contemporary installations and conceptual pieces combined with curatorial whimsy, the Pompidou achieves the perfect balance between seriousness of purpose and audience accessibility.  Flaunting a high tech aesthetic, the vintage 1977 building designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers is itself an icon of architecture featuring exposed ducts and piping as well as see-through tubular escalators along the exterior that expose a stunning view of Parisian landmarks as you ride to the top.

Pompidou Center also includes a huge public library, performance spaces that host a revolving calendar of theater, music and dance as well as a movie theater that screens festivals of avant-garde and classic films.  You can even enjoy a drink or fine dining at chic Georges restaurant and bar on the top floor complete with a sweeping terrace to appreciate the fabulous vistas.   And be sure to stop by the street level plaza where a panoply of musicians, mimes and circus performers busk for donations and a reflecting pool is populated with dancing, jetted, sculptural fountains created by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint-Phalle inspired by the music of Igor Stravinsky.


Visiting Hours:

Open daily except Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

No admission after 8 p.m.

Closed on May 1.



13€ for a ticket to the permanent collection and special exhibitions.

10€ for visitors from 18 to 25 years of age.

Free admission for all visitors under 18 years of age.

Free admission for all EU visitors under 26 years of age.

Free admission for everyone on the first Sunday of each month and on July 14.  (Free admission does not include access to special temporary exhibitions).


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“Parade Curtain” – Picasso – 1917

“La Danse” – Chagall – 1950

“Salon” – Agam – 1975

“Studio Wall” – Andre Breton

Pompidou Center – Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers – 1977

Official Museum Site



Pompidou Center

(Centre Pompidou)

Place Georges Pompidou

75004 Paris, France




Current Exhibitions:

Beat Generation

June 22, 2016 through October 3, 2016

Magritte: The Treachery of Images

September 21, 2016 through January 23, 2016


Must-See in the Permanent Collection:


  • “Buste de femme” (Picasso) – 1909

  • “Black Cross” (Malevich) – 1915

  • “Parade Stage Curtain” (Picasso) – 1917

  • “La Danse” (Chagall) – 1950

  • “Three Figures in a Room” (Bacon) – 1964

  • “Self Portrait” (Kippenberger) – 1988


  • “Back I – IV” (Matisse) – 1909 – 1930

  • “Giant Triple Mushroom” (Hollars) – 2010


  • “Studio Wall” (Breton) – 1932 – 1966

  • “Homogeneous Infiltration for Piano” (Beuys) – 1966

  • “Salon” (Agam) – 1975




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